Our Brief Company Profile

What We Do

We brief list of offers are listed below,

  • Turnaround and Emergency Shutdown Maintenance Execution.
  • Mechanical Rotating Equipment Overhauling.
  • Mechanical Static Equipment Inspection & Repair.
  • Valves Inspection, Repair & Testing.
  • Pipe Fabrication, Installation & Assembly.
  • Equipment Erection and Installation.
  • Fabrication of Structural Steel and Erection.
  • Instrument / Electrical Equipment Installation, Commissioning, Testing & Inspection.
  • Project Execution.
  • Scaffolding.
  • Industrial Painting.
  • Supply of Manpower (Skilled, Technicians, Welders, Fabricators, Engineers, Safety, Quality, Project Manager Etc.)
  • Project Management.
  • Engineering / Drafting Services.
  • Procurement Services.
  • Trading
  • Supply of Barite for Oil well drilling companies.

What We Do

We under take other services which are listed below,

  • Construction –Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation,
  • Maintenance, Testing and commissioning.
  • Turnaround and Emergency shutdown.
  • Equipment installation, Pre-commissioning and commissioning.
  • System operation and maintenance Rotating & Static Equipment Erection, overhauling and maintenance.