aamco drilling services

AAMCO Services is one of the most reliable multi disciplinary drilling services in Kuwait. The company has been offering best solutions for all kinds of drilling related activities. Our highly dedicated drilling operators and dedicated technical personnel are an integral part of the company who have perfected the art and science of drilling.

We provide services as per customer requirements using highly advanced technological equipment which are specialized for different types of drilling. At AAMCO Services you will find that customer and employee satisfaction is our foremost priority.

The company specializes in (DTH) Odex Drilling & MUD Rotary Methods. Our services apply for Water Well Drilling, Cathodic Protection wells (CP), Direct Rotary Drillling, Blast Hole Drilling, Anchoring Drilling, Pile Foundation Drilling and Drilling for Dewatering 

drilling SERVICES categories

  • Down The Hole (DTH), Drilling for Water Well, Earthling Hole, Soak away, Dewatering, Cathodic Protection, Monitoring & Dewatering Holes.
  • Odex Drilling.
  • Water Well Drilling (DTH), Hydro Geological survey and piped water supply including installation of pumps.
  • Direct Rotary Drilling
  • Blast Hole Drilling
  • Anchoring Drilling
  • Pile Foundation Drilling for Civil Engineering projects like Big Building Malls, Bridges & related to all Infrastructure Developments.

Water Well Drilling

At AAMCO Services we offer services for oil & gas, rural residences, acreages, business, and industrial sites. We use the most advanced air rotary method, mud rotary method and drilling techniques to drill and complete your well, giving you the best quality water available.

Our Services:

  • Registered/Licensed Water Wells
  • Agricultural Water Wells
  • Residential Water Wells
  • Commercial Water Wells
  • Pumps and Pressure Systems
  • Water Well Services/Repairs
  • Shock Chlorination
  • Water Well Flow and Recovery Tests

Environmental Drilling & Pre – Drilling

Environmental Drilling : We provide environmental drilling for commercial, government, and residential properties.

Pre – Drilling : Our drill rigs are capable of drilling air rotary (DTH), mud rotary and Odex drilling for all types of deep wells. Whether drilling is required just through the frost or into hard rock formations, for a small earthen wells project or large oil and gas facility we can provide all the right equipment for the project as well as pre – drill services.


Drilling Bits & EQUIPMENT'S