Aamco Outstanding Achievements

Participated in several major plant turnarounds, run and maintain services & emergency support at SADAF from 2010 to date.
Major projects in SADAF for Rotating Equipment overhauling, electrical & instrument support services such as: 

  • KOBELCO Screw Compressor 
  • ELLIOTT Compressor (CAPA Air Compressor) 
  • CFC-MHI Refrigeration Compressor, Re-design of IGV -Countermeasure Platform 
  • DRESSER RAND Turbine 
  • EDC-MHI Compressors 
  • MTBE ELLIOTT Turbines & Compressors 
  • Ethylene Crack Gas Compressor and Turbine 
  • Sea Water Circulation Pump 
  • Chlorine Compressors 
  • TURBO DYNE Gas Compressor 
  • Centrifuges 
  • Cooling Tower Fans 
  • Ethylene Reciprocating Compressor NOUVE PIGNONE
  • Two years contract with SAHARA/SAMAPCO Company for CA/EDC Plant maintenance services.
  • AL-BAYRONI Conveyor System operation & maintenance long term contract which covers electrical, mechanical & instrumentation.
  • AL-BAYRONI Plant turnaround service contract (8 turbines and compressors overhauling).
  • AAMCO in collaboration with Turbo Services, a German Company, over hauled turbine and compressor during APPC turn around in year 2012.
    NATPET Major Turnaround 2015
  • IBN ZHAR MTBE Turnaround 2015
  • Advanced Turnaround 2015
  • Long term contract with AR-RAZI to handle rotating equipment repair & overhaul during turn arounds & emergency shutdowns e.g. MHI BAC Compressor & Main Air Compressor (MAC ATLAS COPCO). 
  • Maintenance & technical support services for SAFCO.